1 in 7 kids go to school without the most important meal of the day

Date : 25-05-2017
Client : Paul Walters
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A good breakfast can not only change a child’s morning it can make a big difference to their future, but unfortunately 1 in 7 Australian children arrive at school each day without having had breakfast (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013).

Teachers report hunger in the classroom is extremely noticeable, estimating that the average student loses more than 2 hours a day of learning time when they come to school hungry. If they were to arrive at school hungry once a week, a student would lose more than a whole term of over the course of a year. 4 out of 5 teachers also report an increased workload due to hungry students as the children find it harder to concentrate, are lethargic and demonstrate behavioural problems (Foodbank Australia, 2015).

To address this growing issue, Breakfast Bellies established a School Breakfast program in South Australia in 2015.  The program delivers a healthy breakfast to over 300 disadvantaged students around Adelaide.  The program enables hungry children to enjoy a nutritious breakfast, allowing them to engage and participate fully in all the educational and social opportunities that school years offer.

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